Biotechnology Resume

We are gifted with innumerable invaluable gifts by the nature in our surrounding areas. But we often ignore these gifts, either due to ignorance or due to paucity of extraordinary technology which not only assists us in recognizing the exceptional species but converting their miraculous effect positively for reshaping our agriculture, improving upon medicine, drugs and other substitutes. Biotechnology can also be termed as the technology based on biology.

Being a science based on a combination of zoology and botany the biotechnology helps us study environment and the life of creatures as well.

We not only study or conduct the research on environment, living things and zoological developments but invent such a system which extract out the value of them (natural gifts) of the nature for the utilization in our life. So before seeking to get the job you should try first to get yourself equipped with the real definition of Biotechnology and then pen down your knowledge and experience you are supposed to have yourself acquainted with.

The terms or the keywords with the Biotechnology on your resume are the explicit expression of yours being an experienced one. So the each word you mention in your resume should be based on your study, research or experience.

How To Write Biotechnology Resume?

Always keep in your mind that the biotechnology resume you write should be highlighted in almost all the biotechnology-related key words such as Bioengineering, Recombinant DNA, Molecular biology, Food processing, Tissue culture, Fertilizer, Organic material, Embryology, Cell biology, Research, Biotechnology, Biomedical and the Genetic engineering.

While penning down about your personality and the entity you are needed to write on the top of resume your name with bold font, along with your address, telephone number and E mail (if any).

E mail:

In this subheading you are needed to reveal the designation you desire to hold, retrospecting your previous experience as well as the training received.

Professional Profile-
Under this subheading you will have to give the details of your related works you’ve done already, experiences gained, title or the citation rewarded and capabilities under which you can perform all the works related with the biotechnology.

Academic qualification-
Mention in it the general qualification including Post Graduation or Graduation and High school mentioning duly the year of passing them out and the names of respective institutes.

Professional Qualification-
You are required to reveal the professional course done mentioning the year of theirs completion like B Tech or M Tech.

Professional Experience-
Start with the current employment (if you are employed in any research lab or department ) depicting the post you hold, works you’ve done and the year of your joining it. And go in reverse order mentioning the names of previous organizations penning down the tenure you’ve served them.

This subheading may be helpful for highlighting your extra capabilities apart from general and professional education like knowledge of many languages, high speed of typing. Good communication etc.

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