Dos and Don’ts of Acting Resume

Often it has been found that the candidates make their acting resumes so bulky by informations that it starts looking boastful and lacking in desired qualities, thus causing a negative impact on the selectors. So use only the simple language which should play the role of a torch-bearer for the resume-reader showing him only that scene which you want him to see.

In order to get the break howsoever, the candidates get mentioned even those informations on their Acting resume , as their extraordinary qualities which actually they do not posses in their body. Don’t highlight any such quality in the resume which, during trial, may go beyond ­your capacity.
The photo shot of any stage performance or the show (you previously must have taken part in), to be stapled on the acting resume, should clearly visualize your face as smart and attractive one . Avoid those shots which do not seem revealing your presence in the drama scene, set of shooting or TV show.

  • The photo shot should be stapled on the front of resume.
  • Use those fonts which are eye catching and soothing to the eyes.
  • Maximum informations should be mentioned on the resume, but they should be consumed only in one page, without bringing the role of another one.

Although you’ve got to furnish the elaborate informations about your own self, do not mention some dispensable informations like cast, clan, marital status, father’s name and family details.

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