Pharmacy Technician Resume

Here is a Sample Pharmacy Technician Resume for your review. Through this sample you can easily create a resume if you are applying for the post of Pharmacy Technician in any health organization. In this sample we have used a fictitious name and address to give you an idea on how to create a Pharmacy Technician Resume for yourself. We hope this sample Pharmacy Technician Resume will prove to be of a great help for you.

Mac Garth, New York.
Phone: 12-90905002


Aspire to join a reputed pharmacy organization as a Pharmacy Technician to serve with best of my extraordinary professional efficiencies.

Professional Efficiency

  • Diligent, active and responding faster.
  • Expert in dietary and human nutrition.
  • Highly ambitious and diligent.
  • Expert in reaching on the site and bringing the victims to the hospital much faster.

Professional Experience

American Health Center, 20XX – Present.
Pharmacy Technician

  • Respond to emergency calls, perform certain medical procedures and transport patients to the hospital.
  • Follow the protocols and hospital’s guidelines.
  • Offer ambulance service and rescue worker.
  • Provide emergency medical services,  maintain a patent airway with adequate breathing and cardiovascular circulation until the patient reaches the hospital.
  • Services offered  include cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation, controlling severe external bleeding, preventing shock, body immobilization and splinting of bone fractures.

Metro Hospital, California, 19XX – 20XX
Pharmacy Technician

  • Transported the patients victimized of any accident or incident to the hospital to save their lives.
  • Looked after the non-invasive cases like bleeding control by providing positive pressure ventilation with a bag valve mask, supplemental oxygen administration, and splinting.
  • Provided the primary emergency medical services.


  • Masters degree in Dietetic Technician program from American Health & Food Institute, New York in 20XC.
  • BS from Oxford Medical Collage in 20CD.
  • HS from Dawn college in 19GF.

Additional Skill

  • Registered with and licensed from the National Highway Traffic Safety regulation under EMT-I/99.  
  • Extensive Knowledge of computer software and Internet.

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