Sample Art Administrator Resume

Here is a sample art administrator resume for your review.Through this resume sample you can easily create a resume if you are applying for the post of art administrator in any company. In this sample we have used fictitious names and addresses to give you can idea on how you can create art administrator resume for yourself. We hope this sample art administrator resume works good for you.

Robert Andrews
12, Brown Street, New York
Ph: 11234767678
E mail:


To perform the best of my services to the post of Art Administrator for the aggrandizement of organization.


  • Directing the programs.
  • Taking over the challenging tasks and meeting crucial responsibilities.
  • Handling multimedia related functions.
  • Supervising and executing the program related tasks.


XXX Production, Toronto, 2004 – Presently serving.

  • Assistant Director
  • Produce programs on healthy entertainment.
  • Select artists, look into their skills and finish selection process.
  • Categorize programs into dramas, serials and documentaries.
  • Interact with the audiences to get in touch with their demand.
  • Supervise the commercial aspect to enhance the revenue.
  • Classify the programs under different categories, keeping in view market demand.
  • Apply time bound strategy to the marketing of programs.

Web Design Director, 1999 – 2004

  • Horizon Web
  • Developed innovative webdesigns and graphics on customers demand.
  • Collected data and conducted research.
  • Served the customers procuring them required website on demand.


  • Graduation in Science and Technology in 1996
  • Software course in Computer Technology.

Other Skills

Soft spoken, good orator, good narrator and imperious by nature.

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