Sample Civil Engineer Resume

Here is a sample civil engineer resume for your review.Through this resume sample you can easily create a resume if you are applying for the post of civil engineer in any company. In this sample we have used fictitious names and addresses to give you can idea on how you can create civil engineer resume for yourself. We hope this sample civil engineer resume works good for you.

John Mathew
Black Town, Frankfurt.
Tlephone: 56787654-0067
E mail:


Civil Engineer.

Professional Expertise

  • 5 experience as Construction Engineer.
  • Served Staterun public works department constructing government buildings.
  • Applied selfcreated engineering technologies at economical cost.
  • Mooted out new strategies to accommodate maximum persons in limited place for habitation.
  • Developed substitutes of steel and wood retrenching the excessive load as well as cost.

Organizational Experience

American Construction Co. USA, 5/ 2003 – Present.

  • Construction Engineer.
  • Inspect the site and prepare the report on its feasibility.
  • Analyze and study the project before giving it final shape.
  • As per the law of federal government expedite the work keeping the unauthorized contractors at bey.
  • Hire the competent laborers and use highly sophisticated technology.
  • Publish the bids for contract in implementing the projects.
  • Prepare reports after scrutinizing the projects and send it for approval.
  • Certify the construction materials from the infrastructure standard department.
  • Design the map on the computer before starting the construction work on the sites.
  • Apply safety measures to prevent the structure from any climatic impact like the earthquake and thunderstorm.
  • Expedite construction work minimizing its cost.

Water Works State Government, USA, 6/1998 – 5/2003

  • Water Engineer.
  • Installed the standardized iron pipes to make sure that the water supplied should not cause any interruption.
  • Ensured regular mixing up of chlorine and supply of filtered water.
  • Maintained the filter machines and mixing spinner in their functional order.
  • Ensured the safety of water pipelines using electronic software technology as a safety measure.
  • Conducted the regular water supply by collecting complaints from customers.
  • Replaced the pipes with new ones receiving even the minutest complaints.
  • Kept the additional reserve of water to ensure the supply on peak demand.
  • Distributed the water bills.

General Education

  • Post Graduation in Engineering specializing in Water maintainability in 19XX from Oxford University.
  • BE specializing in Water conservation in 19XX from Oxford University.

Software Technology

Over all knowledge in the software technology.

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