Sample Hair/Look Specialist Resume

Here is a sample hair/look specialist resume for your review.Through this resume sample you can easily create a resume if you are applying for the post of hair/look specialist in any company. In this sample we have used fictitious names and addresses to give you can idea on how you can create hair/look specialist resume for yourself. We hope this sample hair/look specialist resume works good for you.

Mac Garth, New York.
Phone: 12-90905002


Hair/Look specialist.

Professional Efficiency

  • Capable of giving an attractive look to the face trimming hair, massaging neck and face. Apply chemical-free ointments to remove wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and sangfroid streaks.
  • 6 years experience in Barber and beauty service.

Professional Experience

THR Cathay Saloon, Midas, 10/2002 – Present.

  • Hair Expert.
  • Cut hair, massage the face, shampoo dried hair, shape the arched eye brow.
  • Prepare herbal products for the facial processes. Bleach, curl, dye and wax.
  • Give the vaporization to the face for expelling the pollutants from the deeper pores of skin.
  • Assign different responsibilities to assistants.
  • Provide on home service too hiring the teenagers expert in different kinds of physical therapies like bodice massage and hair dressing.

General Education

  • Graduation in Arts stream in 19DD from XYZ college.
  • High School in 1999 from XYZ school.

Professional Qualification

Health and Nutrition” in 19XX from Illinois University.

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