Sample IT Manager Resume

Here is a sample IT manager resume for your review.Through this resume sample you can easily create a resume if you are applying for the post of IT manager in any company. In this sample we have used fictitious names and addresses to give you can idea on how you can create IT manager resume for yourself. We hope this sample IT manager resume works good for you.

Mac Garth, New York.
Phone: 12-90905002


IT manager.

Personal Summary

  • Handled banking, and cinematographic responsibilities.
  • 6 years experience in IT sector.
  • Analyzing, devising and implementing capability in the IT sector.

General Education

  • Graduation in Information technology in 20XX.
  • High School in 19xx from ABC school.

Technical Course

Special course in Innovative Information Technology in 20XX from Reuters college.

Professional Experience

American Bank, 2/2005 – Present.

  • Software Manager.
  • Look after the single window service in the bank.
  • Apply satellite procedure to put the derailed on line service accidentally.
  • Arrange Worldwide banking transactions through specific software technology.
  • Conduct the supervisory checkup in the banking transaction.
  • Ensure a relentless monitoring of all the transaction.
  • Devised a safety method to keep all the confidential matters safe.
  • Chang regularly the secret code and the pass word of banking structure.
  • Installed secret concealed tiny cameras to monitor over the activities of all the workers.
  • Keep all the transactional control with only a single key.
  • Conduct the worldwide banking transaction to keep banking system updated.
  • All the ATM and trailer machines have been excelled with automatic conversational system.

Live Cinema Studio, 1/2003 – 2/2005.

  • Technical Engineer
  • Edit the movie as per required scene.
  • Record the multi-dimensional sound in the Celluloid movie.
  • Create artificial visuals to impact natural effect of mock incident.
  • Mix up with the newly designed animation effect too.
  • Produce multi-dimensional audio visual effect for the movies.
  • Augment the color effect in the pictures.
  • Produce in-the-studio acting effect of the actors giving natural out door effect.

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