Sample Technical Sales Person Resume

Here is a Sample Technical Sales Person resume for your review. Through this sample you can easily create a resume if you are applying for the post of Technical Sales Person in any organization. In this sample we have used a fictitious name and address to give you an idea on how to create a Technical Sales Person resume for yourself. We hope this Sample Technical Sales Person resume will prove to be of a great help for you.

Mac Garth, New York.
Phone: 12-90905002


Aspire to join a reputed organization as a Technical Sales Person to deliver the best of my professional efficiency.

Professional Efficiency

  • Soft spoken, debonair and courteous.
  • Proficient in technical and engineering works.
  • Self motivated and result oriented.
  • Determining and attaining the sales target.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

Professional Experience

American Hosiery., New York, 20XX – Present.
Technical Sales Person

  • Determine the designs and modify the products.
  • Recommend the customers about the suitability, durability and multi utilization depicting several technical definitions.
  • Serve as a consultant on techniques and scientific application in producing the product.
  • Reveal through different means the description of the products highlighting their color, design, shape and economization.
  • Establish a proper coordination between scientific and commercial applications.
  • Look after the sales and conduct research of materials.
  • Coordinate and execute all aspects of analyst and company management.
  • Identify, manage and explore the solutions.
  • Create and maintain strategic sales plans.
  • Form a team excelling in understanding technological objectives, select appropriate resources and purchase the high standard equipments, infrastructure and services.
  • Maintain the standard of services.

XL Fabrics, Washington, 19XX – 20XX
Sales Person

  • Helped the customers in choosing what they longed for, by offering a variety of products.
  • Received the cash, checks, debit cards and charged the payments.
  • Placed the bought products in an attractive pack.
  • Prepared, maintained and feed ed the routine sale works.
  • Dealt with slips, coupons and exchange vouchers.
  • Assisted in retail sales.
  • Managed the stock levels, analyzed the figures and arranged the stock in advance.
  • Handled the customers at the counter by showing variety of products.


Graduation in Economics program from Oxford University in 20CD.

Additional Skill

Windows NT, Windows XP, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Office, MS World, MS Works, MS Perfect, Program, Internet Explorer, MS Outlook, Quicken and Crystal.

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